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Good Night, Good Night, Beloved! and other Victorian Era Part Songs: Viva Voce

Good Night, Good Night, Beloved! and other Victorian Era Part Songs: Viva Voce


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Good Night, Good Night, Beloved! offers a rare glimpse into cultural life in Montreal in the second half of the 19th century. On this recording VivaVoce pays tribute to the Montreal Mendelssohn Choir, one of the pillars of Montreal musical life for three decades. What began as a small group of relatives and friends grew into a choral society of some 120 voices, whose annual concerts were one of the highlights of the cultural and social calendar of English-speaking Montreal. The Montreal Mendelssohn Choir specialized in English part-song repertoire. He revered Joseph Gould for giving him a new sonic experience. After the ensemble disbanded in 1894, its library of scores was bequeathed to McGill University. All tracks on this CD except "Good Night, Good Night, Beloved!" come from this collection.

VivaVoce was founded in Montreal in 1998 by Peter Schubert. Winner of several awards, this ensemble specializes in the interpretation of classical music from all eras while developing the repertoire of Canadian choral music, by commissioning at least one new work each year.

1. Jack and Jill | Sydney Percival (Joseph Gould)

2. Hark, Hark, the Lark | George A. Macfarren

3. A Spring Song | Ciro Pinsuti

4. Orpheus, with His Lute | George A. Macfarren

5. Take, O Take Those Lips Away | George A. Macfarren

6. The Sea Hath its Pearls | Ciro Pinsuti

7. Out on the Waters | Alfred J. Caldicott

8. Summer is Nigh | Sir Julius Benedict

9. Close His Eyes | Horace W. Reyner

10. Georgie Porgie | Sydney Percival (Joseph Gould)

11. You’ll Never Guess | Sydney Percival (Joseph Gould)

12. Far Out of Sight | Miss Bryson

13. To All You Ladies | Clara Angela Macirone

14. How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps | Henry Leslie

15. O Mistress Mine | Hamish MacCunn

16. It Was a Lover and His Lass | George A. Macfarren

17. Good Night, Good Night, Beloved ! | Ciro Pinsuti

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