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The Benedictine nun Hildegard von Bingen was the most famous woman in medieval Germany. The charismatic polymath was as well as being a composer, also mystic, authoress, prophetess, scientist, philosopher, theologian, and healer. Among her extant writings are about eighty liturgical pieces. The hymns have come down to us in two collections which she entitled Symphonia harmoniae caelestium revelationem (Symphony of the harmony of heavenly revelations). The highly individual and complex pieces with their distinctly meditative character have, along with the spiritual and medical writings of this Sister of Wisdom, enjoyed a renaissance since the 1980s. The trumpet of God still inspires musicians throughout the entire world to engage with her compositions and arrange them for a variety of ensembles even a thousand years after her death. Since the huge wave of the Hildegard von Bingen renaissance in the 1980s, when modern versions of this medieval music stormed the charts, interest in her music has steadily increased. As a specialist for the music from Middle Earth and the world of Sagas, Poul Høxbro extends an invitation to enter the mystical world of Hildegard von Bingen. His ensemble Alba, joined by the alto Agnethe Christensen, play on historic instruments to achieve an authentic sound. The conductor Nenia Zenana with the Copenhagen university chorus and orchestra are also specialists for the fascinating of this celebrated saint.

Disc 1

1. O viriditas,

2. O virdissima Virga,

3. Columba aspexit,

4. O virdissima Virga,

5. O Euchari,

6. O quam mirabilis est,

7. Ave generosa,

8. Caritas abundat,

9. O frondens Virga,

10. O nobilissima viriditas,

11. O Spiritui Sancto

Disc 2

1. O virtus sapientiae,

2. O quam mirabilis,

3. Quia ergo femina,

4. Ave generosa,

5. O Magne Pater,

6. Nunc aperuit nobis,

7. O aeteme Deus,

8. Columba aspexit,

9. Caritas abundat,

10. O rubor sanguinis,

11. O Euchari,

12. O Pastor animarum,

13. O felix anima

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