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1. Blue Steel
Wayne saves the ranchers of Yucca City.

2. Winds of the Wasteland
Wayne buys a dilapidated stagecoach line.

3. The Dawn Rider
Wayne seeks vengeance for the gang who killed his father!

4. Randy Rides Alone
Wayne enters a saloon full of corpses.

5. The Lawless Frontier
Wayne seeks an outlaw wanted dead or alive.

6. Paradise Canyon
Wayne is a sharpshooter in a medicine show.

7. Sagebrush Trail
Wayne is wrongfully convicted of murder!

8. The Star Packer
Wayne turns the tables on the bad guys.

9. The Trail Beyond
Wayne searches for a long-lost miner.

10.The Man from Utah
Wayne investigates the deaths of several
rodeo riders.

11. Mclintock! (Widescreen Edition)
Wayne battles with his headstrong wife, his daughter, and
a slew of scheming land grabbers.

12. Angel and the Badman
Wayne must to choose between avenging his father s
murder or the love of a beautiful.

13. Rainbow Valley
Wayne becomes a convict to take down the gang of

14. Riders of Destiny
Wayne investigates who is forcing the local ranchers off
their lands.

15. The Lucky Texan
Wayne discovers a rich gold strike.

16. Hell Town
Wayne outsmarts a gang of cattle rustlers.

17. Neath the Arizona Skies
Wayne is framed as a bank robber.

18. West of the Divide
Wayne is out to revenge the murder of
his parents.

19. The Desert Trail
Wayne is wrongly accused of armed robbery.

20. Texas Terror
Wayne believes he accidentally killed his best friend.

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