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Born January 9, Kenneth Clarke Spearman was an esteemed American jazz drummer and bandleader. A major innovator of the bebop style, he pioneered the use of the ride cymbal to keep time rather than the hi-hat, along with the use of the bass drum for irregular accents. This four-disc set compiles much of Kenny Clarke's finest work, including as it does all albums on which he performed as leader or co-leader. While only covering the period during which he performed under his own name, the collection serves as a fine starting point to the work of this maverick jazz pioneer and a delightful reminder of the great man's most accomplished music.

1 Once in a While
2 I've Found a New Baby
3 You're a Sweetheart
4 Sweet Sue
5 Confirmation
6 A la Colette (Cheryl)
7 Jumpin' There (Listen Here)
8 Jay Mac
9 Iambic Pentameter
10 Jean-Paul
11 Fantasy for Bass
12 Love Me or Leave Me
13 Fun for Four
14 Jackie My Little Cat
15 Strollin'
16 Sonor
17 Blue's Mood
18 Skoot
19 Telefunken Blues
20 Klook's Nook
21 Baggin' the Blues
22 Inhibitions
23 Pru's Blooze
24 I Dig You the Most
25 Cute Tomato
26 Summer Evening
27 Oz the Wizard
28 Now's the Time
29 Plenty for Kenny
30 Bohemia After Dark
31 Chasm
32 Willow Weep for Me
33 Late Entry
34 Hear Me Talkin' to Ya
35 With Apologies to Oscar
36 We'll Be Together Again
37 Volcano
38 La Porta-Thority
39 I Hear a Rhapsody
40 Will Wail
41 Yesterdays
42 Play Fiddle Play
43 La Campimania
44 Gloria
45 High Notes
46 Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise
47 The Golden Eight
48 Strange Meeting
49 You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
50 Dorian
51 Poor Butterfly
52 Basse Cuite
53 Box 703, Washington, D.C
54 The Styx
55 Gloria
56 Los Bravos
57 Charon's Ferry
58 Volutes
59 Last Train from Overbrook
60 Long Note Blues (Here Is Cecco Beppe)
61 Get Out of Town
62 Sonor
63 Speedy Reeds
64 Old Stuff
65 Om Mani Padme Hum

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