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LISZT: The complete music for solo piano, Vol. 16 - Bunte Reihe - Leslie Howard

LISZT: The complete music for solo piano, Vol. 16 - Bunte Reihe - Leslie Howard



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Bunte Reihe S484[72'37]Ferdinand David (1810-1873), arr. Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
1 No 1 in C major: Scherzo[1'53]
2 No 2 in C minor: Erinnerung[3'22]
3 No 3 in D flat major: Mazurka[1'52]
4 No 4 in C sharp minor: Tanz[1'56]
5 No 5 in D major: Kinderlied[1'53]
6 No 6 in D minor: Capriccio[2'05]
7 No 7 in E flat major: Bolero[3'25]
8 No 8 in E flat minor: Elegie[3'04]
9 No 9 in E major: Marsch[2'54]
10 No 10 in E minor: Toccata[3'09]
11 No 11 in F major: Gondellied[4'03]
12 No 12 in F minor: Im Sturm[2'37]
13 No 13 in F sharp major: Romanze[2'05]
14 No 14 in F sharp minor: Allegro agitato[1'23]
15 No 15 in G major: Menuetto[3'54]
16 No 16 in G minor: Étude[3'45]
17 No 17 in A flat major: Intermezzo[2'20]
18 No 18 in G sharp minor: Serenade[4'38]
19 No 19 in A major: Ungarisch[4'19]
20 No 20 in A minor: Tarantelle[3'09]
21 No 21 in B flat major: Impromptu[1'45]
22 No 22 in B flat minor: In russischer Weise[3'50]
23 No 23 in B major: Lied[2'27]
24 No 24 in B minor: Capriccio[2'05]
25 No 19bis: Ungarisch (Liszt's fantasy on the theme of No 19)[4'44]

All of the music on this album is also available as part of the specially priced box set Liszt: Complete Piano Music: 'Almost any way you choose to look at it, this is a staggering achievement … the grand scope of this project gives us the chance, as listeners, to experience the almost incomprehensible breadth and depth of Liszt's imagination' (International Record Review).

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