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Martinů, Nielsen & Koechlin: Serenade - Baborak Ensemble, Radek Baborák, Wenzel Fuchs

Martinů, Nielsen & Koechlin: Serenade - Baborak Ensemble, Radek Baborák, Wenzel Fuchs


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The central figures of the CD are two colleagues from the Berliner Philharmoniker - first horn Radek Baborák and first clarinet Wenzel Fuchs. On this recording, accompanied by the members of Baborak Ensemble, they present themselves both as phenomenal soloists without technical limits and as experienced chamber players. In a novel dramaturgy, they introduce lesser known and rarely recordedworks (Koechlin), alongside compositions performed more frequently. The first group includes Les Confidences ("Les Confidences d'un Joueur de Clarinette") by the French composer Charles Koechlin, whose oeuvre is synonymous with film music of the first half of the 20th century. (In the case of Les Confidences, he also wrote the script for the film.) Martinů's Quartet, fromhis Paris period, and the more neo-classicist Serenade are splendid works yet - owing to their non-traditional configuration - to our detriment have only appeared on stages and been recorded sporadically. Nielsen's pieces, together with the "encore" miniature by Luciano Berio, round off this very pleasant mosaic of encounters between horn and clarinet in 20th-century works.

Bohuslav Martinů
Serenade for Clarinet, French Horn, Three Violins and Viola No. 1 in A minor, H . 217
1. Allegro moderato 01:56
2. Larghetto 03:15
3. Allegro 02:05

Carl Nielsen
Serenata in vano for Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Cello and Double Bass
4. Allegro non troppo ma brioso 07:39

Charles Koechlin
Les Confidences d'un Jouer de Clarinette, Op. 141
5. Romance de Kasper 02:52
6. Aubade des vendanges 02:06
7. Le bouquet de fleurs des champs pour Margrédel 01:28
8. L'appel du matin 00:59
9. Réveil 00:46
10. Pastorale 01:05
11. Kasper et Waldhorn pendant le dîner chez l'oncle Stavolo 01:12
12. Marche familiere pour le bal 02:26
13. Fanfare d'appel 01:33
14. Valse rustique pour le bal a la fete d'Eckerswir 02:09
15. Waldhorn a la fete d'Eckerswir avant le bal 01:00
16. Rage de Kasper 01:05
17. Lamento 02:32
18. Duo final du printemps qui revient 02:22

Carl Nielsen
Canto serioso arr. for French Horn, Violin, Two Violas, Cello and Double Bass
19. Andante sostenuto 04:49

Bohuslav Martinů
Quartet for Clarinet, French Horn, Cello and Side-Drum in C major, H. 139
20. Allegro moderato 04:29
21. Poco andante 06:33
22. Allegretto (ma non troppo) 02:53

Luciano Berio
23. Musica Leggera. Arr. for Clarinet, French Horn, Cello and Tambourine (Musica Leggera - Canone per moto contrario e a rovescio (con un breve intermezzo) per flauto e viola, con accompagnamento di violoncello e di tamburo basco sempre ppp) 02:20

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