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Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri - The Sixteen

Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri - The Sixteen


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Buxtehude’s cantata cycle, Membra Jesu Nostri, is a unique work. Based on texts from a medieval Latin hymn, ‘Salve mundi salutare’, the cycle contains seven cantatas each dedicated to a different part of Christ’s crucified body. The texts are based on the concept of an observer contemplating Christ’s body on the cross starting with his feet and moving up to his knees, hands, side, breast, heart and finally his head. Buxtehude plays cleverly with musical colours and textures and changes the mixture of voices and instruments to dramatic effect as the work develops.

Originally released on Linn Records.

Carolyn Sampson
Libby Crabtree
Robin Blaze
James Gilchrist
Simon Birchall
The Sixteen
Harry Christophers

Dietrich Buxtehude (c.1637-1707)
Membra Jesu Nostri
1 - 6 Cantata I: Ad pedes (To the feet)
7 - 12 Cantata II: Ad genua (To the knees)
13 - 18 Cantata III: Ad manus (To the hands)
19 - 24 Cantata IV: Ad latus (To the side)
25 - 30 Cantata V: Ad pectus (To the breast)
31 - 36 Cantata VI: Ad cor (To the heart)
37 - 42 Cantata VII: Ad faciem (To the face)

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