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Music of the Andes - Caliche

Music of the Andes - Caliche


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The ever evocative music of the mountains from Caliche, one of the finest Peruvian groups. Pan pipes, bamboo flutes, ocarina, trutuca, charango, mandolin and the booming bombo drum.

1 Festival de Las Flores (Festival of the Flowers)
2 Amanecer Andino (Andean Dawn)
3 Recuerdos Del Lago (Memories of the Lake)
4 El Condor Pasa
5 N'guillat N
6 El P Jaro Campana (The Bell Bird)
7 Volver a Un Tiempo Nuevo (Returning to a New Time)
8 Vientos Del Sur (Winds from the South)
9 El Pill N
10 Papel de Plata
11 Oasis
12 Llorando Se Fu (She Left Me Crying)

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