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Oboe Collection: Robin Canter

Oboe Collection: Robin Canter


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Evolution of the oboe from primitive folk instruments (hichiriki, dulzaina, zurna, bombarde, shawm) to the sophisticated oboe of today with music by Marais, C.P.E. Bach, Kalliwoda, Walmisley, Pasculli + folk pieces from Spain, Japan, Turkey, France and England.

1 Alborada
2 Etenraku
3 Traditional Turkish
4 An Dro Nevez
5 La Quinte Estampie Real
6 Vars on 'Les Foiles D'espagne'
7 Son in G: Adagio
8 Son in G: Allegro
9 Son in G: Vivace
10 Morceau de Salon
11 Son No.2 in G
12 Grand Con Sopra Motiva Dell Opr 'I Vespiri Siciliani' Di Verdi

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