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Screamin' Jay Hawkins: The Singles Collection (2 CDs)

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: The Singles Collection (2 CDs)


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Disc: 1
1. I Put A Spell On You
2. Little Demon
3. Yellow Coat
4. Person To Person
5. I Hear Voices
6. This Is All
7. Whamee (She Put The Wamee On Me)
8. Frenzy
9. Ashes
10. Just Don't Care
11. You're All Of My Life To Me
12. Even Though
13. Not Anymore
14. Please Try To Understand
15. I Is
16. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want)
17. Talk About Me
18. Well I Tried
19. I Found My Way To Wine
20. Baptize Me In Wine

Disc: 2
1. There's Something Wrong With You
2. Alligator Wine
3. The Past
4. Orange Coloured Sky
5. Armpit No. 6
6. Darling, Please, Forgive Me
7. Take Me Back
8. Hong Kong
9. Why Did You Waste My Time(Tiny)
10. Nitty Gritty (With Shoutin' Pat)
11. Take Me Back To My Boots
12. Temptation (Album Track)
13. If You Are But A Dream (Album Track)
14. Ol' Man River (Album Track)
15. I Love Paris (Album Track)
16. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Version)
17. Deep Purple (Album Track)

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