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Traditional Songs of England

Traditional Songs of England


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The English tradition abounds in beautiful melodies and on this album some of the most delightful are sung by one of England's finest female exponents with a range of interesting accompaniments.

1 All Things Are Quite Silent, for Voice & Piano
2 As I Set Off to Turkey
3 As Sylvie Was Walking
4 General Wolfe
5 Though I Live Not Where I Love
6 A Sailor's Life
7 Rounding the Horn
8 Lord Franklin
9 The Unquiet Grave
10 Broomfield Wager
11 There Was a Lady All Skin and Bone
12 Geordie
13 Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man
14 Bold William Taylor, Folk Song
15 Lovely Joan
16 A Blacksmith Courted Me
17 The Carnal and the Crane
18 The Green Cockade
19 Fourpence a Day
20 The Streams of Lovely Nancy
21 Sweet England, Folk Song

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